An ambient webzine about seeing the cosmos within yourself. How is creating a website an act of world-making?

A handcoded website assignment that unites three texts around a common theme. We had to work around the constraint of no Javascript and figure out how to make an engaging web experience in purely vanila HTML/CSS. 

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UIUX, Web design

Independent project for Software For People with Rosa McElheny

2 weeks, Feb 2023

I wanted my webzine to draw attention to the magic of the handbuilt web and the possibilites of an infinite canvas within the browswer.

I chose my 3 texts around the theme of the universe and self-reflection. 
minecraft end poem
a short poem

science article about supernovas

In the frame of the handmade website, these three texts feel poetic.

    It was challenging to balance intuitive navigation with open-ended experience

    I used written instructions revealed through hover interactions to guide users through the web experience 

    I handmade all the ASCII art, inspired by the constraints of the early internet that make it feel so much more intimate