New Haven Street Art Stickers
Book design, 2024

    Sticker art, aka slaps, is a form of street art in which an image or message is publicly displayed using stickers. many of these stickers are political, while others promote local businesses, artists, bands, or graffiti collectives.

Created from my photo archive of sticker art within 4 blocks of my neighborhood, this zine documents the vibrant visual culture of New Haven—and how it occupies, responds to, and reclaims space on the streets surrounding Yale.

Arial narrow 150% height, varying sizes. The front and back covers nod to the parking signs where I found these stickers, with metal texture on the interior covers

The zine is organized around 6 “sticker hubs”, each section punctuated by a fullbleed image.

Each page includes an isolated image of the sticker and artist name, if identifiable. The only information on the location of stickers is coordinates and a short description of the walking route, on the front page. Part field guide, part invitation to look more closely at the streets around you.

The 82 stickers featured in the zine are among the hundreds I saw on my daily walking route around my neighborhood. Curating the photo archive was an exercise in paying attention to what is overlooked in documenting the visual arts scene of a city.

I bound the zine with two metal rings and printed it on rounded grey cardstock (& extra glossy photo paper for the covers), nodding to the material qualities of street signs